Battle of the Ad Blockers and Ad Bots

So, I just spent the past 30 minutes listening to a podcast talking about banner ads.  It got me thinking as to why we are even talking about them anymore.  The podcast talked about how most impressions on banner ads are bots or fake sites that are just driving up your impressions.  Then when you add the many popup blocker plugins to the mix, it really made me question the relevence of banners in today’s landscape.  This just re-enforces the need for viable content that is not a right hook sales message, but more of information to engage the viewer/reader.  Currently the best way to reach customers is to build a relationship and target a one-on-one method rather than a spray and pray method.  With so much talk of blockers and bots several years ago I expected that by now banner ads would be all but dead.  However, there are still quite a few marketers out there that feel there is still hope.  Shocking!

So my advice is to save your banner ad money, and spend it on generating quality documented content for your brand or product.  Start building a relationship with your viewers/readers.  Don’t be afraid to be a real person to your customers.  From this with a little delayed gratification you will win.

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